The perfect job for the right person! We hope that’s you. 

If you want full time work, earn top pay, and have day-time hours, we could be a good fit. You’ll need lots of energy and low absences to work here, but the pay is great and the hours are perfect for families: 

Weeks 1-3:

  • Trainee – $14 per hour for one week only (approx. 25 to 35 hours) 
  • Rookie – Two week practice / grace – guaranteed you’ll average $16 per hour no  matter your speed
  • You will probably have a light load to allow you to practice speed and quality 

Week 4:

  • Certified Tech – If you pass the “Practice Period” you’ll receive full time work and be able to earn top pay levels. The fastest way to make top pay is to learn to clean  thoroughly and efficiently and be 100% dependable. You never have to wait a year  for a raise. Higher income is available immediately. 
  • Certified Tech Pay System: 
    • 1-6 houses – $16.50 per “job ticket hour” 
    • 7-9 houses – $19.25 per “job ticket hour” 
    • 10 houses – $22 per “job ticket hour” 
  • After 60 Days with No Complaints, No Absences and you are full time and not on  probation you can try working in two extra jobs for higher earnings: 
    • 12+ houses – $24 per “job ticket hour” 
    • eligible to work Saturdays if you request it 

Most people can finish each job in less time than estimated, if they are efficient and  follow the “Perfect Maintenance Cleaning” system we teach. Plus, many of our customers tip, so that  is additional income to you which usually covers more than your gas each week. 


  • Paid holidays off after 6 months
  • Paid birthdays off
  • Paid quarterly oil changes
  • Referral Bonuses
  • No nights or weekends ever required (optional weekends on a volunteer basis)


  • Exceeding 2 absences the first 90 days, or exceeding 4 absences in 6  months. 
  • Cleaning “houses on the side” or stealing our customers 
  • Excessive complaints from clients, not following instructions, adversarial  conduct, language, & behavior
  • Theft, drug abuse, alcohol abuse

*Benefits are subject to change without notice