Hiring a Maid Service

Hiring a maid service can be really helpful in maintaining a home and be a huge timesaver for a homeowner.

However, before hiring, it’s important to do your homework to find the right fit for your home and family.

The terms “maid” and “housekeeper” are used interchangeably. Both typically do light cleaning duties. There is a difference between a “housekeeper” and a “house cleaner”.

If you have not had a housekeeper or you do not do regular cleaning, you most likely will need a deep clean of the home. Those duties are performed by most maid services.

Once the home has been deep cleaned, then it is ready for maintenance cleans.

Here are some ideas of things to discuss with a potential maid service:

Frequency of cleanings- how often do you need them to come? If it is just two retired people with no pets, once a month would probably be sufficient. However, if you have kids and pets, you would probably want weekly or bi-weekly service, which means twice a month.

Does the maid service provide the supplies and equipment? If you have particular products you like to have used, be sure to discuss that with the potential maid service. If they bring their own, is it safe to use around your family? If anyone suffers from asthma, you wouldn’t want harsh chemicals used in the home. Ask if they separate cleaning cloths based on what rooms they are used in. Some maid services do not separate the cloths so cleaning cloths that are used in someone else’s bathroom may be used on your dining room table. Most maid services will ask to use your vacuum as that is most sanitary but the vacuum must be in proper working order with clean filters.

What duties are performed with a deep clean and a recurring maintenance clean?

Does the maid service provide a checklist showing everything that will be completed? Is the list editable depending on your needs? 

What happens if you are not pleased with the cleaning? Clarify what actions will be taken if you are not satisfied with the service.

Can the maid service provide you with a list of satisfied clients? 

Are they insured? This is the main difference between private housekeepers and maid services. You will want someone that is insured in your home.

Carefully vet the maid service you are considering, clearly communicate your expectations and sit back and enjoy all the free time you will gain with hiring a reputable maid service.